Turn compliance activities into a meaningful experience for students  

Building an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) doesn't have to be time-consuming, with SchooLinks, all experiences are centralized and deployed with pre-built lesson plans.

SchooLinks is All You Need for your College and Career Readiness Initiative in Illinois

SchooLinks offers over 80 interactive college and career readiness planning activities.  Complete all PGP required activities in one platform and have them automatically documented and electronically signed off by parents and counselors. 

Turn Student Experiences into CCMR Data Insights 

An easy-to-understand data dashboard allows student support staff to view progress and status of each individual's ILP completion and CCMR points attainment. 

A Living Document with Electronic Signatures

Approval made simple. With electronic signatures, you know exactly whose signature is missing on a plan. You can also export for families don't own any digital devices.

All PGP Experiences Consolidated in One Platform

Engaging Career Interest Inventory

Interactive Financial Literacy 

4 Year Course Plan with Endorsement Tracking

Digital Portfolio and Resume

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